Gain a Better Understanding
of Your Customers

Use your Public Wi-Fi Hotspot as a marketing platform by tracking new and returning visitors to your venue in real time.


Use your analytics dashboard to unlock your marketing potential.

  • Understand who your customers are and what they like.
  • Increase your social reach between like-minded people.
  • Automatically email customers with relevant offers.
  • Segment your database and send marketing messages.
  • Stay in touch across the social networks your customers use.

Advanced Marketing

Specific Sales Messages For Your Own Target Markets

Marketing has changed. Your customers are really only interested in things that matter to them. So, what if you could understand more about the people who actually visit your business?

Segmented information – such as the age, sex, and social interests of your audience – will enable you not only to understand more about who your current service offering appeals to, but also create targeted sales promotions that align with your different groups of customers.

This is what the Vital Wi-Fi solution offers.

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